Skipping for fat loss


skipping workout


Skipping has to be one of the most time-tested methods of cardio training around. It is simple, effective and require no expensive equipment and can be done almost anywhere.


Skipping (or jump rope for some) also involves your whole body so its great for burning a load of calories and will get your heart rate up in no time.


It may take a little practice if you haven’t done it for a while, and I’m guessing most people won’t have. If you do struggle with technique in the beginning, using an imaginary rope can work until you are able to skip with the rope for long enough to get a decent workout from it.


For a great calorie burner, grab yourself a skipping rope (or use your imaginary one), a stopwatch and give this workout a go:


Be sure to stay hydrated throughout.


3 minute warm-up –
1 minute jog on the spot
1 minute star jumps
1 minute slow/easy paced skipping

———- Main Workout ———-

1 minute skipping
30 secs body weight squats
1 minute skipping
30 secs mountain climbers
1 minute skipping

———- Rest 45 secs ———-

Finish with 2 fast paced rounds of the following:
30 seconds skipping
30 seconds High knees sprint
30 second skipping
30 seconds jumping lunges
30 seconds skipping

———- cool-down/stretches ———-


Did you make it through the whole workout? Let me know how you got on by leaving a comment and be sure to challenge your friends to this workout by sharing with them as well.


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