The Detox Diet Scam


Happy new year! I hope you all had a great evening, however you decided to bring in 2016. I know most of you may be feeling a little tender right now and wondering why anybody would be writing a blog article at 9.30am on new years day. I was in bed by 11 last night. not exactly the wildest of new year celebrations, didn’t even see midnight! On the plus side, I am up at 9 today, no headache, cotton mouth or gut rot.


The reason I felt the need to get the laptop out and write this post so early today is because I know how many people will be waking up and feeling like absolute shit, to put it plainly. For many, last night was the cherry on a fat-filled cake that has been baked during 2 weeks of festive over-eating and under-exercising. This new years day hangover is the spark for millions of people to make the promise of a healthier year to come.


It is traditionally an extremely busy time for gyms and trainers. This is obviously great news for trainers like myself and I’m looking forward to helping some new, committed individuals actually live up to their new years promises. Many other trainers will also be looking forward to doing the same thing. However, there are certain trainers, coaches, “experts” or whatever they claim to be, that are actively preying on those hangovers today.


I received an email first thing this morning, advertising a detox diet program. A 2 week detox diet that would strip the all of fat I had been struggling to lose. Fat that was apparently being held on to by all these toxins that were built up in my body. It actually claimed that dieting without detoxification was a complete waste of time. It was actually a very convincing argument. An argument that for sure will get this particular trainer alot of interest. This email is actually what compelled me to write this little blog post.


Don’t fall for these detox diets, its a myth, scam and basically its bullshit. I am not saying you wouldn’t lose weight or feel better during a so called “detox”, but that would come just the same from eating better and exercising more. The trouble with these cleanses or detoxes is that they have very little scientific research to back them up. But what they do have is a whole load of scientific research shooting them down.


I could go through a few facts about how “detoxification” is actually a specific medical term that refers to the treatment of people with life-threatening drug/alcohol addictions, that shouldn’t have anything to do with these 2 week diets. I could also tell you how the liver usually does a pretty damn good job of getting rid of any toxins by itself. However, I will let some actual scientists and registered dietitians do the work for me. Below are a couple of links that will give you all the proof and reasons you need to steer clear of these diets.

The Detox Dossier

The British Dietetic Association – truth about detox diets


A quick google search would return many more similar articles written by a number of different scientists, medical pros and dietitians.


Make sure you chose the right path for your weight loss in 2016. A sensible, balanced diet alongside a well planned exercise regime is all you should need. Share this post with your friends and family and keep them from falling into the detox diet trap.


Thanks and Happy new year again,



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