Fat Burners, Do They Work?

What is a Fat Burner?


Fat burners are an obvious draw to many people who are looking to lose weight. Just to clarify, I am talking about the variety of pills and powders that are available commonly over the counter. These are not steroids or pro-hormones, but supplements that are stocked by health shops and reputable online retailers.


they come in a few different forms but the most common type of fat burner is what is called a thermogenic. The basic goal of this type of fat burner is to increase the user’s metabolism, which burns more calories and leads to the body producing more heat.


The main ingredient in these fat burners is usually a type of stimulant. Most commonly, this will be caffeine. There are studies that do show caffeine to have some fat burning properties but the effects aren’t exactly groundbreaking. Caffeine is also very cheap so a fat burner would not be worth the money for just caffeine alone.


Fat burners will also include other ingredients such as green tea extract, which works in a similar way to caffeine. L-carnitine is another popular ingredient. This is an amino acid that is supposed to help the body produce energy, in turn aiding the release and burning of body fat. However, by itself, there is insufficient evidence to show that L-carnitine actually burns fat.


Don’t Believe the Hype








Ok, so I may have made 1 or 2 of those names up. However, these are the type of titles given to these fat burners. Paste those names on a bottle next to a professional fitness model that looks like they have been sculpted by Michelangelo and you have a product that is bound to get weight loss dieters and exercisers excited.


Do not be fooled by these names and images. Firstly, the names really don’t mean that much at all. its all just sensationalism in an effort to stand put on a packed shelf.


Secondly, the people pictured on the bottles and in the ads for most of these supplements are being paid to be because they already look a certain way, not because the product itself got them there. Chances are they probably won’t even take the product. Even if they do take the product, they are more than likely taking some other substances to assist them in gaining their physiques (this time I am talking about steroids and pro-hormones).


Do They Work Though?


Misleading marketing campaigns aside, many fat burners do contain substances that have been backed up by studies. You can’t argue with the fat burning benefits seen in some of their ingredients. However, often times these benefits will be extremely minimal and almost negligible for most of the population. Unless everything else, such as your nutrition and exercise plan is spot on, you will be unlikely to even notice any change from a fat burner.


For some people, any little benefit will be considered worth while. To these people I ask you to consider some of the possible side effects of many fat burners. These range from raised blood pressure, insomnia, dehydration and in the past some have even been linked to death. Now when you weigh up the side effects vs the minimal benefit of these fat burners, I think you would agree an extra few minutes of interval training each day would be by far the more sensible option.


In Conclusion


To sum it all up, some fat burners may provide the smallest of advantages to those wanting to shed body fat but this will only be really noticeable if all other factors (exercise plan, nutrition, sleep, hydration) are firmly in place and on point. For the vast majority of people, changes to these other factors will yield better results than taking some pill. As I am sure you have guessed, I do not recommend that most people take fat burners.


What I do recommend is getting on a solid exercise plan, dialing in your nutrition and being consistent over time with both. If you need a hand with either of these, I will gladly help just send me a message through this form or have a look through my posts for more advice.


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